Pivot Tables

Pivot TablesPivot Tables

Inspire IT are delivering a half day course exclusively to the use of Pivot Tables.

We deliver training onsite anywhere in Ireland

We have delivered training to clients all over Ireland. Our clients range from multinationals, government bodies and SME’s. We will customise any training course to suit your specific requirements.

Quality Training – Practical Benefits

Typically our courses are delivered in one day to groups of up to 10 delegates at your location. This will keep your costs down and allows your staff to learn in a familiar environment. If you don’t have your own training facility, then we can deliver training at a location to suit you.

For more information please contact us info@inspiresit.ie

Pivot Table Fundamentals

Creating Basic Pivot Tables

  • Preparing your data
  • Tabular Layout
  • Removing Section Headings
  • Removing Repeated Column Groups
  • Eliminating Gaps
  • Type Formatting
  • Creating Pivot Tables
  • Adding Fields
  • Adding Layers
  • Altering Structure
  • Report Filters
  • Managing Changes in Your Source Data
  • Dynamic Named Ranges
  • Dealing with Zeroes
  • Subtotals
  • Summary Calculations
  • Running totals
  • Differences (year on year, month on month)
  • Percentages of Rows, Columns, Totals and other fields
  • Running Totals and Top 10 reports
  • Pivot Table Tools
  • Layout Updates
  • Refreshing & Restarting
  • Moving Pivot Tables

Pivot Table Views

  • Conditional formatting
  • Sorting, Filtering and Re-ordering
  • Slicers (2010 / 2013 only)
  • Saving Custom Views

Pivot Table Calculations

  • Calculated Fields and Items
  • Managing & maintaining Pivot Table calculations

Pivot Charts

  • What is a Pivot Chart?
  • Creating a Pivot Chart
  • Pivot Chart Rules
  • Managing the underlying data
  • Adding Layers
  • Altering Structure
  • Pivot Chart Alternatives
  • Dynamic Charts
  • Transition tables

For more information please contact us info@inspiresit.ie