Intermediate Excel

Intermediate Excel Training Course Objectives:

Our Intermediate Excel training course will further develop your skills using excel to assist you in your work environment. During the course you will learn how to create and modify charts, how to use cell comments and how to print them off. Also we will look at hyperlinks in Excel spreadsheets which is of particular use for those of you who work off shared drives.

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This course is designed for those users who wish to step up their current knowledge of Excel to take advantage of the more complex features. To be able to create, edit and format large or multiple spreadsheets. Delegates will also be able to perform calculations and functions within a workbook, manipulate data lists and create custom charts which will enable the user to maintain and present data in a professional environment.

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Intermediate Excel TrainingCourse Outline:


  • Creating & Modifying Charts
  • Formatting Charts
  • Creating Line & Pie Charts
  • Editing the Legend

Cell Comments

  • Inserting Comments
  • Displaying all Comments on sheet
  • Modifying & Moving Comments boxes
  • Printing Comment boxes on sheet.


  • Merge Cells
  • Wrap Text in a Cell
  • Place text at an angle in a cell
  • Cell Backgrounds

Conditional Formatting

  • How to apply Conditional Formatting
  • Deleting Conditional Formats


  • Creation of hyperlinks to an Excel file
  • Creating links to specific sheet in file
  • Creation of links to specific cells in a particular sheet with a file
  • Linking to named ranges
  • Linking to applications outside Excel
  • Removing hyperlinks

Sorting & Subtotaling

  • Sorting data on a spreadsheet
  • Creating subtotals on a spreadsheet
  • Removing subtotals

Auto Filter

  • Turning on the AutoFilter
  • Doing a Custom Filter


  • IF
  • Count IF

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