Advanced Word

Advanced Word Training Course Objectives:

At the end of our Advanced Word training course you will have learned how to create a Table of Contents for a Large Document, using forms in a Word file, creating macros, creating styles, advanced features in Tables. Developing advanced skills in Word  involves working with forms, using mail merge, linking documents, editing tables and much more.

Quality Training – Practical Benefits

We have delivered training to clients all over Ireland and our clients range from multinationals, government bodies and SME’s. We will customise any training course to suit your specific requirements. Learn to produce and share professional documents with the Microsoft Word. Confidently lay out publications, tables, pictures and other graphics, or create indexes and mail merges.

We will travel onsite anywhere in Ireland.

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Advanced Word Training CoursesAutoCorrect

  • Inserting Auto Correct options
  • Editing Auto Correct features


  • Creating Styles
  • Editing Styles
  • Modifying Existing Styles

Managing Changes to Documents

  • Tracking Changes
  • Reviewing Changes


  • Using Fields in a Word Document
  • Using Fields in the Header & Footer of Documents
  • Locking and Unlocking Fields in a Document

Advanced Mail Merge

  • Using IF statements
  • Sorting and Filter in Mail Merge

Section Breaks

  • Inserting Section Breaks
  • Headers & Footers with Section Breaks

Cross References

  • Inserting Cross References in to your Document

Graphic Effects

  • Drop Cap of Capital Letters
  • Inserting and Editing Word Art
  • Inserting Graphics into documents
  • Editing graphics in document
  • Wrapping text around graphics

Large Documents

  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Editing Table of Contents
  • Creating a Table of Figures
  • Bookmarks
  • Creating Footnotes & Endnotes


  • Using Formulaes in a Table
  • Updating Formulaes in a Table
  • Adjusting Cell heights
  • Allowing Rows to Break across Pages
  • Repeat Headers


  • Record a macro
  • Run Macro
  • Delete Macro


  • Mark Entry for Index
  • Insert Index

Sub Documents

  • Inserting Sub Documents
  • Creating Sub Documents

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