Advanced PowerPoint

Advanced PowerPoint Course Objectives:

Our Advanced PowerPoint 2010 training course will show you how to customise the appearance of your presentation. Furthermore, we will also show you how to edit charts in your presentation and how to create links between Excel and your PowerPoint presentation. Another aspect of this course is how to use Master Slides and how to edit them.

We travel onsite anywhere in Ireland

Inspire IT have delivered training to clients all over Ireland. Our clients range from multinationals, government bodies and SME’s. We will customise any training course to suit your specific requirements.

Quality Training – Practical Benefits

Typically our courses are delivered in one day to groups of up to 10 delegates at your location. Furthermore this will keep your costs down and allow your staff to learn in a familiar environment.

Advanced PowerPoint Course Outline

Advanced PowerPoint TrainingMaster Slide

  • Using Master Slides
  • Format bullet points
  • Edit background images on slide master
  • How to insert Slide Layouts
  • Insert New Master Slides

Images & Word Art

  • Inserting images & word art into slides
  • Formatting images
  • Editing Word Art
  • Using objects on drawing toolbar


  • Custom Animation
  • Timings in a presentation
  • Dim to Grey


  • Editing the values on the Y-Axis
  • Changing the Minimum and Maximum Values
  • Apply animation to Charts
  • Adding Labels to Charts

Custom Shows

  • Creating a Custom Show
  • Editing a Custom Show
  • Copying an Existing Custom Show

Inserting Slides

  • Inserting Slides from other presentations
  • Applying Slides in Outline Format

Hyperlinks & Action Buttons

  • Inserting hyperlinks
  • Editing hyperlinks
  • Using Action Buttons in presentation


  • Linking data from an Excel Spreadsheet to a Presentation
  • Breaking Links in a PowerPoint presentation

Shadow & 3-D

  • Applying a Shadow Effect
  • How to editing the Shadow Effect
  • Apply a 3-D effect to a shape
  • Editing a 3-D effect to a shape

Themes & Media

  • Background Graphics
  • Inserting Videos
  • How to inserting Audio files


  • Creating an Editing Templates

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