Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel Training Course

Our Microsoft Advanced Excel 2010 / 2013 training course will improve efficiency and productivity in the work place with the use of advanced features such as Pivot Tables, Short Cuts, Filters, Macro’s and scenarios. This course is aimed at the everyday user. We will look at functions such as IF, Vlookup and Nested IF’s.

Quality Training – Practical Benefits


At the end of this course you will have a complete understanding of the higher functions of Excel. You will be able to perform the most advanced calculations and functions, manipulate data using pivot tables and ‘advanced’ analysis, record macros and integrate with other office applications.

We have delivered training to clients all over Ireland. Our clients range from multinationals, government bodies and SME’s. We will customise any training course to suit your specific requirements.

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Advanced Excel Training CoursesNavigation & Data input

  • Quick Navigation of spreadsheets
  • Accurate selection of large amounts of data
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Named Ranges, modifying & deleting
  • Custom Lists, creation & deleting
  • Using AutoFill to create numbered sequences

Functions: IF & VLookups

  • Absolute Addressing
  • Using the IF Function – Using the Paste Function
  • Using the Vlookup & Hlookup
  • Count IF and Count A
  • Sum IF
  • Nested IF
  • Shortcut to view all formulas
  • Auditing Toolbar

Advanced Filter

  • Applying an AutoFilter
  • Using the Advanced Filter
  • Filtering Results to another area of spreadsheet

Auditing Tools

  • Auditing Toolbar
  • Tracing Precedents
  • Tracing Errors in Formula


  • How to protect worksheets
  • Protecting Workbooks
  • Protecting parts of a spreadsheet
  • Placing a password on the file

Pivot Tables

  •    Creating Pivot Tables
  •    Modifying Pivot Tables
  •    Formatting data within Pivot Tables
  •    Refreshing data in a Pivot Table
  •    Using a Slicer
  •    Creating a Pivot Chart
  •    Modifying a Pivot Chart
  •    Grouping Pivot Table
  •    Inserting Calculated Fields into a Pivot Table


  •    Creating Scenarios
  •    Shortcuts to viewing scenarios
  •    Creating Scenario Summary Reports


  •    Recording a Macro
  •    Running a Macro
  •    Assigning a Macro to a button in Toolbar
  •    Assigning a Macro to a push button on spreadsheet
  •    Editing & Deleting a Macro


  •    Importing Data into Excel
  •    Importing a Text file into Excel

Data Validation

  • Creating Drop Down Menu’s in Excel


  •  Adding a Second Axis
  •  Formatting Axes

Saving Workspaces

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