Advanced Access

Advanced Access Training Course Objectives:

At the end of our Advanced Access 2010 / 2013 training course participants will be able to understand more advanced functions associated with database design. We deliver practical, business-focused Access courses that help you create and enhance databases for greater business intelligence. Access allows you to store very large amounts of data and manipulate it to produce useful business information. Microsoft Access training is important to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of how Access works and its vast potential for managing and reporting data.

We deliver training onsite anywhere in Ireland

We have delivered training to clients all over Ireland. Our clients range from multinationals, government bodies and SME’s. We will customise any training course to suit your specific requirements.

Quality Training – Practical Benefits

Typically our courses are delivered in one day to groups of up to 10 delegates at your location. This will keep your costs down and allows your staff to learn in a familiar environment. If you don’t have your own training facility, then we can deliver training at a location to suit you.

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Advanced Access Course Outline:

Advanced Access Training CoursesTables

  • Field Properties
  • Lookup Fields
  • Default Values
  • Validation Rules/Text
  • Input Masks


  • Applying a Primary Key
  • Applying Relationships
  • Creating other relationships
  • Querying Related Tables
  • Applying Joins
  • Referential Integrity
  • Updating and Deleting Records
  • Viewing a subdatasheet


  • Creating a query
  • Action Queries
  • Append Query
  • Delete Query
  • Make Table Query
  • Update Query
  • Crosstab Query
  • Duplicate Query
  • Unmatched Query


  • Main/Subform Wizard
  • Linking Forms
  • Multiple Table Forms

Form Controls

  • Calculated Fields
  • Command Button
  • Combo Box
  • List Boxes
  • Check Boxes
  • Option Groups
  • Tab Control
  • Form Headers and Footers
  • Printing Forms


  • Grouped Report
  • Calculated Fields
  • Calculating Percentages
  • Report Headers & Footers
  • Grouping & Sorting in Reports
  • Running Sums
  • Printing Reports

Import and Export Data

  • Importing Data
  • Exporting Data
  • Linking Data


  • Macro Actions
  • Create a New Macro
  • Attaching a Macro to a Control
  • Create Macros from Controls
  • Multiple Action Macros

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